Talcott Mountain Academy was created as an outgrowth of Talcott Mountain Science Center.  We realized that students attending our Saturday, Vacation and Summer programs likely were still just as interested and advanced the other 6 days of the week.  

The design was to have a full-time school inside the campus of a full-time science facility, with the availability of professional scientists as their guides.  When staffing the entire complement of subjects, we looked for the same professional standing for all of them.  In that spirit, our art teacher is an artist, our music teacher is a musician, our language arts teachers are writers, and we have a healthy dose of living history in our social studies curriculum.

It's no wonder then, 30 years later, that our graduates report being well-prepared for their seondary and college careers.  They prove this by the distinctive paths they have chosen, the roles in which they distinguish themselves, and the projects they've developed with these talents. 

Check out the Spotlight for additional details about some of these accomplishments.  

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