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The Talcott Community

Building Community by Helping Others

Vibrant, diverse, compassionate, welcoming, caring and supportive are just a few ways to describe the Talcott community. Students, parents, and faculty work as a team to cultivate a nurturing environment that teaches students the value of building community and helping others.

But the Talcott community extends far beyond our twenty acres on the mountain; including Talcott alumni, STEM professionals and passionate educators from across the globe.

TMA promoted and supported my passion for scientific exploration and discovery. It provided the first real safe space for me to flourish. It was the primary stable stepping stone to my professional career.

-- Dax H., Class of '86

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Having Fun Helping Others

In a close-knit community, students quickly learn that everyone thrives when they help each other. Talcott’s Character Counts recognizes students who assist others and be kind. Our class structure and mixed activities also allow for student mentoring. We encourage students to help their younger peers, building confidence and strengthening the sense of community for both.

Student council participation and activities give students a multitude of opportunities to contribute to the Talcott community and help other local organizations, like Gifts of Love and Foodshare.

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Encouraging Action: Parents Play A Vital Role in a Child’s Education 

In an ideal scenario, parents play an integral part in supporting their child’s at-school learning. From supporting healthy homework habits to reinforcing positive behavior, we encourage our parents to communicate with us and take an active role in their child’s education.

The Talcott Parents Group (TPG) gives parents the opportunity to support their child’s learning. Each year, fundraising efforts by the TPG provide special programs and experiences for students. They also fund select on-campus projects and equipment. Take a look at our calendar to see some of their upcoming projects and events.

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To High School & Beyond: Life After Talcott

The leap from middle to high school is a milestone for any student. While change is inherently difficult, these young adults find they are ready for new adventures–both personally and academically. 

We often hear from alumni long after graduation–and they overwhelmingly thank us for being well-prepared for their secondary and college careers. This is clearly evident in the distinctive paths they have chosen, the roles in which they distinguish themselves, and the projects they’ve developed with these talents.

Their accomplishments and contributions impact communities all across the globe. We invite you to meet some of our alumni and learn more about Life after Talcott.

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On Seasons & Rhythms

It’s the coldest time of the year in the northern hemisphere, and time to think a bit about how that happens and what it means to us. Of course, it mostly means it’s going to be cold!  But it also means things for our biology and for the way the earth turns....
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Snug as a Bug in a … Log?

How Insects Survive the Winter With cold winter weather surrounding us, daydreams often shift to the spring to come – bees buzzing, butterflies fluttering, fireflies flickering, and crickets chirping. Even nibbling mosquitos might be excused, a small price to pay for...

New Alumni Fund Honors Recent TMA Graduate

Talcott Mountain Science Center and Academy are pleased to announce the creation of the Johnathan Hamilton Alumni Fund, an annual scholarship that will provide tuition assistance to selected students in kindergarten through eighth grade attending the Talcott Mountain...