TMA Admission Application

To apply for student admission to Talcott Mountain Academy, please complete the following steps:

    • STEP 1: Pay the $50 application fee:
        • By mailing a check or delivering payment to TMA (see address below);
        • OR pay online using the Paypal link provided:

          Student Name

    • STEP 2: Complete and submit the form below.
    • STEP 3: Send teacher recommendations, Parent Questionnaire and Release of Records form to: TMA, 324 Montevideo Road, Avon, CT 06001

    • Additional requirements for applicants entering grades 4-8:
        • The applicant should attach a one-page statement describing the reasons he/she wishes to attend Talcott Mountain Academy, or he/she may submit a completed project showing academic talent.
        • Student and Parent Interviews: Please call 860-677-0035 to arrange for an appointment.

Visits can be scheduled by calling (860) 677-0035.


Information about the applicant.
Present School
Previous School
Has the applicant participated in a gifted program at his or her school?
Has the applicant ever skipped or repeated a grade?
Has the applicant ever been dismissed or suspended from school?
Has the applicant ever been under continuing care for any physical or emotional problems?
Are there any other special circumstances of which the Academy should be aware?
What medication(s), if any, does the applicant take?
Can the applicant participate in sports and physical education?
Information about the applicant's parents/family.
Parent 1
Parent 2
Parents of Parent 1
Parents of Parent 2