JoAnna H.

We enrolled a scared child who had never been challenged academically. His self esteem was at its lowest, as were his peer relations. What you gave back to us 18 months later was a self-confident child with a wonderful peer group, and the self-confidence to walk into any situation and give it a try. While his performance may not have been at the top of a TMA class, the growth he experienced in every area was phenomenal.  We can never thank you and everyone at TMA enough for showing our child all that he can be. There may be no perfect place, but there is also no place like TMA. I was told by our local schools that they were not required to bring a child to his full potential, but were only required to bring him to grade level. I believe that would be called blasphemy at TMA. Thank you for the safe haven; thank you for the tender care and the firm hand; thank you for the honesty; and thank you for the challenge. TMA changed our child's life - we know it, and and he knows it too. I will give you a glowing recommendation any and every time I'm asked. Again, thank you.
Joanna H., TMA Alumni Parent