Rhonda B.

"We relocated from the UK to the US, placing our boys in a highly recommended independent school.  They quickly found the US curriculum not challenging whatsoever: they had previously studied the maths, and science was nothing but busy work. The boys were completely bored.TMA was our answer.  The founder is an absolute educational visionary.  TMA teaches to a child's capability, not an outdated curriculum.  Children are not only being challenged, but they are being taught RELEVANT material, current, alive, participative, inspirational.  Additionally, the TMSC Saturday programs allow our sons to “tinker” even more as TMSC Robotics team members in both the First Lego League and the Trinity College Firefighter/Robo-waiter competitions.  Our boys are thrilled.  As a Mom, I’m over the moon."  
Rhonda B., TMA Parent